Dr. No MP Case by World Premium - Exclusive Artwork by Jeff Marshall

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Greetings Bond fans & collectors

In addition to being a member of this great community, I am also a member of Media Psychos, the world's leading forum for collectors of physical media, namely Premium editions which are very limited and often only available to order through MP.

As a lifelong Bond fan and lover of steelbooks and Premium editions, I was always disappointed to see the Bond films get lackluster steelbooks, devoid of any imagination or craftmanship. The 60th anniversary edtion of Dr. No that was released in 2022 just further reinforced my belief that something needed to be done to rectify that wrong.

Luckily, the chaps running Media Psychos felt as strongly as I did, and so they tasked me with finding the perfect artist to launch a new line of packaging dedicated to 007.

I always knew who I wanted to design this project as I've been a fan of his work for many years... the amazingly talented Jeff Marshall, whose incredible work I'm sure many of you are familiar with. Truth be told, it was him or no one else.

To my great delight, Jeff, who was totally unfamiliar with terms such as steelbooks or Premium editions, saw this as a great opportunity to create something completely new that centered around his favorite franchise.

It was a real pleasure working with Jeff on this project, which I hope will be successful enough to warrant the continuation of this line of products.

Without further ado, I present the Dr. No MP Case by World Premium
The MP Case is a Premium metal case designed and purchased exclusively at Media Psychos, similar in appearance to a Scanavo steelbook, but with a completely different closure system and much higher craftmanship (gloss application, detailed embossing/debossing).

***IMPORTANT*** The Case comes without the movie itself and has two empty disc slots to accomodate the Bluray and 4K (which sadly hasn't been released yet, but will surely see the light of day sometime in the future***

I will post in this thread when the Group Buy for this release launches on Media Psychos.
Those interested, I invite you to visit: https://mediapsychos.com/topic/24640-dr-no-wp-jm-series-01-wea-mp-case-no-disc/ on Media Psychos and sign up as a member if you wish to take part in the Group Buy and add this truly magnificent edition to your Bond collection.

Lastly: I want to thank @Benny and the MI6 Community Admin team for allowing me to share with you these very exciting news.

It is also my duty to stipulate that MI6 HQ is in no way associated with this project and bears no responsabilty with regards to its fulfillment.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long post. We hope to have your support and help make this project a long running one.

**If anyone has any questions regarding this product or MP, please send me a private message and I'll be happy to answer your inquiries**


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