Characters Who Need More Time In The Spotlight

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Bill Tanner and Felix Leiter share a curse: there’s not much you can do with them. Or at least the way the writers who write the stories haven’t which is a shame. They always feel like a waste of great cinematic characters. It’s always focused on 007, M, Q and Moneypenny. We talk about how MI6 has helped 007 too much. I feel that it’s time for Felix and Tanner to get more in the field. If M could pull off her own movie (Skyfall) and his comic book story and Leiter can handle his own comic book series, why give both characters screen time in the action with 007?
I’m still waiting for May the housekeeper to make a cinematic appearance. She can be a nice recurring character for the next 007 (with a more humorous portrayal in mind) to bounce off of. Like Q, Felix and Moneypenny. Sir James Molony and Ronnie Vallance would all be welcome. Loelia Ponsonby was, basically, incorporated into the screen version of Moneypenny.
As I've mentioned, Blofeld and Irma Bunt deserve modern day adaptations. With proper time to flesh them out, they could continue to be classic villains in cinema in general. These want-to-be spotlight characters could also be more fleshed out in the novels as well.
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