Bond movies seen before or after reading the novels ?

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This morning, while thinking about Bond to alleviate the boredom of my work, an idea for a question entered my mind. Did you watch the movie after reading the corresponding novels, or the reverse (reading the novels before watching the movies) ? I think it would be interesting to see the answers to that question. So, I begin :

Movies seen before reading the novels : LALD, TMWTGG, and TSWLM. By the time MR happened, I was well on my way to heve read all the novels, thanks to a public library, and a used books seller, and by 1981 (FYEO), I had read them all.


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    Goldfinger before reading or knowing about the novels. All the other films came after reading the books. Was very disappoint not to find the Squid included in the Dr. No film.
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    Saw every movie before reading every novel, with the exception of NTTD just because of when it came out.
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