Bond novels as a partworks collection.

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As you know, newsagents have, from time to time, put on sale various Bond-related partworks collections : the first 20 movies, the James Bond Car Collection, "Build your own Aston Martin DB5", and the like. But one thing failed to appear as a partworks collection : the novels. So, I think it would be a good idea if one publisher or other could launch a collection with all the novels in it, not only the Fleming originals, but also the continuation novels by Amis, Pearson, Wood, Gardner, Benson and the rest. That should last for quite some time. What do you think ?


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    I personally wouldn't care, just like I wouldn't be jumping on the occasion to e.g. buy a complete 25-movie Bond collection...since I have them anyway. I bought the Blu-ray 50th anniversary collection in 2012 although I had all the movies up to CR on DVD, and the majority of them on BD by then...but buying the missing ones individually on BD would have been more expensive than getting the collection.

    But that's how far it goes for me. I own the Fleming novels and a few of the follow-ups, but I'm nowhere near a completist regard the non-Fleming literary work.

    My goal is to have the movies in a decent quality (and BD is still VERY decent!) and the novels in some legible format. I have the latter as paperbacks and downloaded them from that Canadian place as well, but only for referencing them on this board. No need to have expensive hard-cover editions or the like. And no need to get the discs in their umpteenth incarnation to enjoy the movies.
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    If they weren't the recent watered down editions of the Fleming books, and considering that they would be new editions... I'd buy them. Moreso if they were Hardbacks. Though I have multiple copies of each book, I am always on the look out for more.
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