Fun With Bond Character Names

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Hello. I would like to initiate a hopefully harmless and relatively appropriate thread of potential "Bond girl" trope names, as I personally find many come up in everyday life that would be fitting of a Bond novel or movie. I don't have all of the ones I've come across on me now, but I want to create a thread we can all update as they come up. Think Tiffany Case or Plenty O'Toole, try harder than Dr. Goodhead. Anything like Solitaire or Domino is also fair game if it's fun I suppose. I'll lead with some examples, though I humbly submit they aren't the most clever.

Hellen Back
Domingo Lunes
Betty Luck
Cindy Fender
Lucky Spinner
Penny Pound

This would also be a good thread for real-world people names that sound like Bond women/characters.


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    Heavenly Daze
    Iva Feeling
    Sandy Shoals
    Faith Phails
    Shapely Pleasures
    Gemma Stone
    Ida Rather-Knott
    Mary Christmas
    April Showers
    Spring Raines
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    Dew Point
    Goldy Charm
    Winter Green
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