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It's pretty much the same as the "Build Your Own Bond Movie" thread, but instead it's for other movies, so, yeah, what are those "other" movies you would love to see?


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    Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

    A movie from this Game i whant for a very long time and always consider Mel Gibson as directer and writer (Apocalypto - 2006) And mabey even doing a voice. For role of one of big bosses i always whant Alan Rickman who sadley enough died, but i also consider John malkovich.

    But now i think it should be made by people of 9 (2005/2009) and mabey writers or other crew members from Apocalypto (2006). Stopmotion animated.


    Directer: Shane Acker
    Writers: Shane Acker, Mel Gibson, Farhad Safinia
    Composer: Danny Elfman, Deborah Lurie.

    Mario And The minions
    When it not going to be Disney to make it Wreck It Ralph kind of movie, i hoped it going to be Universal so that can make crossover movie with The Minions. Plot: The Minions going in to strike/protest. Poster very simple like Maze of Marios green pipeline with Minion at the end. Mabey even consider it be mix of difrent pipeline' colors (Red, Yelllow, Blue). There wil end in difrent for them strange world like world of Mega Man (Another game from Nintendo).

    Douwe Dabbert
    Dutch comicbook. There are 23 novels. This screams Pinocchio (Pinokkio), POTC, Hobbit, LOTR. Biggest con is that you can't do it without Disney. It is adventure's of dwarf and and his magic bag that in first place was seen in the Donald Duck. So it should be Disney/Warner movie. If not live action with CGI too to make animals mabey it be possible there should scan all novels or original draws and making moving animated movies (Mabey close to ''Bommel & Tom Poes: Als je begrijpt wat ik bedoel''). It not always solo albums, chacters returns more then once and you have links between story's, 2 parters and even quartet with another story in between first and other three.

    Quistion be who can do this/be with ? Robert Elswit, The Coen Brothers, Gore Verbinski. Ciarán Hinds, Gemma Arterton. Theater actors/actres. Or Ciarán Hinds be option as nariator because of 4th wall element.

    Other movie's sugest before:

    Fun With Dick and Jane 2: Fun With Jane and Jane. Returning cast: Jim Carrey, Tea Leonie, Alec Baldwin. New to cast: Ellen DeGeneres, Pierce Brosnan. Release date: 29 February 201224. I also think about Dutch remake.

    Johnny English 24 Hour for 2024. Spoof 24, Skyfall. Olga and Emma return and mabey Caterina Zeta Jones should play Olga's chacter mother.

    Jurassic Park 4:

    Sam Neil, Jef Goldblum and Laura Dern returns for 6th Jurassic Park movie, back then was no 4th movie yet and Richard Attenborough was stil a life, i whant to it be named ''Jurassic Park: Rise of the Dinosaurs'' and i hoped on return of them and a lot more like Téa Leoni, Ariana Richards, Joseph Mazzello and Camilla Belle.

    Rauzer (Dutch movie) based on 1992 novel Peter Jan Rens. Of course should be updated. The lead chacter can be girl if there whant too (Original boy in the novel) who walks a way from home. It should play in earlier 90's with no phones and internet.

    Mission Impossible 9:

    Directer: Andy Muschietti (The Flash)
    Writers: Christina Hodson (Bumble Bee, The Flash) & Joby Harold (The Flash, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts). If 3th writer: Dan Gilroy (Roman J. Israel Esq, Kong Skull Island, Bourne Legacy)
    Composer: Craig Armstrong (Incredible Hulk)
    Production Designer: Claude Paré (Night At The Museum 1&2, Rise of the Planet of the Apes)

    Tom Cruise (Ethan wil be more on background)
    Jeremy Renner
    Simon Pegg
    Angela Bassett
    Laurence Fishburn
    Jonathan Rhys Meyers
    Maggie Q

    Sorry for Ving Rhames but Luther should die in 8th movie (Mi6 refer back to Mi2) or there fake his death (Ghost Protocol), mabey lIsa wil die in the 7th. Angela Bassett was not avaible for last movie's. If you can't no longer trust on your present team or / and single member (Ethan) you go back to the past. Renner chacter can be new team leader and deside to ask Mi3 to help him. Or there be bonus members to beat Mission Impossible Blofeld. It possible that Ethan turn villian after death of Ilsa (See Mi5)..

    Quantum whant to have Bond working for them too, but then Eon get Spectre back. MI wil show how you do it. Title sugestion: The Mission Impossible Force (The MIF). It go about beating the Syndicate but we don't name movie to them but close to the team name we all know before as The IMF (The Impossible Missions Force). For some posters there should name movie Mission Impossible Nine (Nine = No in German = Nee in Dutch) and movie should take place in Germany. Mabey 10th in Denhaag en Groningen in The Netherlands. Because there should do something with earthqakes nature and windmills.

    With 3th movie there whant to start a new team, but death of Seymour Hoff change that possible. And if true Tom Cruise claime to be fan of The Flash movie.
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    Here's a more detailed version of the Marvel projects I mentioned in the MCU thread:

    "Timely: 1930"
    A 15-episode crime/detective series based on the "Marvel Noir" storyline and inspired by the 1930's serials.

    "Atlas: 666"
    A horror-com series that follows the misadventures of the Avengers of Earth-666, inspired by "The Addams Family" and "The Munsters" 1960's series.

    "Marvel: 1602"
    A fantasy/adventure series based on the "Marvel 1602" storyline, inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" and George R.R. Martin's "Game of Thrones".

    "The Web Slinger"
    A spaghetti western series that follows the adventures of gunslinger Patrick O' Hara, aka "The Web Slinger", inspired by "The Lone Ranger" and "Bonanza".
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    Spy vs. Spy
    A PG-13 slapstick period spy-spoof film trilogy based on the MAD magazine comic strip by Antonio Prohias.
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    Wes Anderson's Get Smart
    A movie reboot of the original 1965 TV series, directed by Wes Anderson.

    Quentin Tarantino's The Punisher
    I always thought that Tarantino would have done a great Punisher flick if given the oportunity.
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