Jack Wade veiled reference to LTK in GoldenEye

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Does Jack Wade make a reference to Licence To Kill by using the Cessna 172 with an almost identical red stripe marking as Franz Sanchez's one? It's possible that the registration number was changed maybe after it was held by the DEA after Bond did his heroics during the LTK mission...


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    I always thought that the mention of getting the plane from a friend of his in the DEA was perhaps a little reference to Felix Letter. Jack Wade was of course the replacement for Letter after his shark mauling in the previous film, LTK. I had a look at the John Gardner GoldenEye novelisation but it doesn't add any more relevant dialogue to the scene. I doubt that it's meant to be the same plane as Sanchez's but I think it could still be an oblique reference to Leiter in the same fashion as this line of dialogue in Moonraker that I wrote about:

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