An "in-world" documentary of the Bond universe?

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Recently, i've been reading a book, more specifically, a "Batman" book, it's called "An Unauthorized Detailed Account Of Gotham (1919 - 1939)", which shows a reimagined more-grounded version of the "Batman" universe we all know, this book also has (As of now) a two-part in-world documentary, of which i'm going to leave right here:

And after reading it quite a while i thought:

"¿What if there was an in-world documentary of the OO7 universe? ¿How could it work?"

So I decided to share my thoughts here and ask the following to you:

Would YOU be up to see something like this?


  • NickTwentyTwoNickTwentyTwo Vancouver, BC, Canada
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    It could be cool. I think it would be interesting from the perspective of analyzing the psychosis of a few of the Bond villains.
  • I’ll maintain that if EON ever did look to “expand” the franchise in different ways, a TV Show about the Bond Underworld would be pretty amazing. Something akin to Goldeneye Rogue Agent, only ya know, good.
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    Oh, I've seen a few of these Batman videos. They're really good. Yeah, would love to see something like that with Bond and could certainly imagine it being centred on the Fleming Bond/novels.
  • TheSkyfallen06TheSkyfallen06 Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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