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Firstly, I've posted this in the 'general discussion' area as there doesn't appear to be another category into which it will fit.

Why are you a fan of Bond and what is your main area of interest in the character?


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    For me. I was drawn into the world of 007 after being bequeathed a set of Ian Fleming Bond novels. Up until that point I never knew my dear departed friend was a Bond fan. Apart from watching the odd Bond film on TV I wasn't interested until I began to read those books. That was the point when my interest was fired up.

    Although I still consider my primary Bond interest to be centred around the works of Fleming, I enjoy the films (well, most of them).
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    For me, Bond just seems to have coincided with a lot in my life. I think I first watched AVTAK at around 9 years old, but only got into the series when I watched DN a year later and subsequently watched all the films in order. Around this same time I began to become interested in filming and got my first camcorder. As kids tend to do I would make little films with friends trying to recreate action scenes from our favourite films, which for me included James Bond. As this interest developed and I got to grips with stuff like editing we would create our own little Bond adventures, coming up with little scripts etc. Kids stuff, obviously, but from there I was introduced to other films and filmmakers. Nowadays my career is actually in media (editing specifically) so it had an impact.

    As I got older, my interest in Bond waned slightly, but I still loved to go back to the films. It was actually the Fleming novels which reintroduced me to the character, again in a way that had an impact on me. I was never very good at school (owing to a few unfortunate moves at a young age and being a child very prone to daydreaming) and up until 15 I'd never read a book for fun. I remember talking to a friend at the time about James Bond, reminiscing about the first time we'd watched the films, and he gave a little offhand remark that 'the books were very different'. I decided out of interest to give CR a read. I was hooked and over the course of a summer read all the Fleming novels. Nowadays I tend to read on average a book every two weeks.

    I also have rather fond memories of the games, specifically playing the multiplayer of Agent Under Fire and Nightfire with friends during my early teens.

    Essentially I'd say Bond has, even in a second hand way, had a positive influence on my life. It's also interesting thinking about where the series will go in the future, which is why I like popping in to these boards.
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