SPECTRE: The Board Game - Available in the U.S. at Target

I had not previously heard of this game before yesterday, but stumbled across it at a Target department store here in the U.S.:


Seems it was initially announced August 2021 and was supposed to be out Spring 2022. Only now is there starting to be any kind of info online about it, and what is out there is pretty slim.

I did pick it up, and it was on sale here for $48 U.S. (the suggested retail price is $60 U.S.). It appears it is available for preorder from the publisher for those outside the U.S., and is listed as £50 GBP.

Will hopefully get to play this game soon and can share my thoughts after giving it a go.


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    I have yet to play a game of this with a full group, but I did a dummy two-player game solo to see how it worked. I will say the rules have various vague areas that are basically left up to interpretation of the players. But it does seem like it can still be fun.

    On the Bond fan side of things...there are no missions in the game from any Moore, Dalton, or Brosnan films. I assume this is because SPECTRE was really not featured in any of those films, but then it's very odd that Kristatos from FYEO is one of the playable villains. I think about half the mission cards in the game (8 or 9 of the 18, I believe) are from Daniel Craig's movies...and No Time to Die is not in the mission deck, either. So half of the possible missions you can play in a game of this are from CR, QoS, SF, and Spectre.

    I need more time with this, and to do an actual playthrough, but my initial impressions are mixed on this one. I'm happy to see a Bond board game like this out there, but a few missteps may be holding it back. And I am also not sure how this game would really appeal to non-Bond fans, especially with it's realtively high price tag and confusing and somewhat incomplete rules.
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