What Picture Settings Do You Prefer On Your Television?

Considering the different discussions on Blu-rays, 4K, streaming, etc I'm curious if anyone here has a preference for their television picture setting?

As a kid, my family had an RCA Colortrak 2000. Looked like one of these......


The audio and picture knobs were behind a panel. I became obsessed with television picture settings one night as I had LTK playing in the old VCR. A family friend was over and remarked how washed out Bond and Pam looked during the boat scene. So he offered to fix it, lowered the panel and began tweaking the knobs. He adjusted the color, brightness, tint and sharpness level.
By the time Lupe arrived in the casino her dress looked as vivid a red as it had in the cinema. At least as much as it could on VHS, that is.

Today most sets have preset options:

and so forth.
Televisions have come a long way since the 1980s .
Anyone opinionated on this topic?


  • There are all sorts of nitty gritty details to get into, but these are the immediate settings I go to first; Warm 1, turn off any sort of motion smoothing/interpolation, turn off any sharpening.
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    Assuming a scale of 0-100 on most settings...

    Picture mode: Movie/cinema/custom
    Backlight: max
    Brightness (which on almost any set is NOT brightness but rather white level): 60
    Contrast: ~85
    Tint (red/green): smack dab in the middle, always
    Sharpness: 0
    Colour temp: Warm
    Motion smoothing: Absolutely off, non-negotiable
    Edge enhancement, high contrast, etc.: Always off
    Gamma: 1886 when available, 2.2 otherwise
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