Imagining and casting a WITH A MIND TO KILL movie

Now that many of us have had time to digest WITH A MIND TO KILL, I thought it might be fun to imagine what a film based on the book would look like. Who would you cast, ideas for action set pieces, etc. Which Bond actor would fit the story best? What would need to be changed about the story to fit it into the continuity of the EON franchise?


  • Love this cover novel. I think Anthony Horowitz had Sean Connery in mind when he wrote it. Of course I could be wrong. I can see Connery or Moore in a faithful film adaptation. Two very different Bonds, but they would both be right.

    It's pointless to think in terms of keeping in continuity with the EON franchise, which has no real continuity to speak of. Besides, the wonderful thing about WITH A MIND TO KILL is that Horowitz puts his novel in continuity with the Fleming novels. In so doing Horowitz corrects all that is wrong and misguided in the films. The point is not to change the Fleming-Horowitz continuity, but to uphold it.
  • NickTwentyTwoNickTwentyTwo Vancouver, BC, Canada
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    Paul Bettany as Boris
    Anya Taylor Joy as Katya
    Period Piece (no connection to EON films)
  • I agree Anya Taylor Joy would be a good choice for Katya.
    I'll have to think about the rest.
    I don't know who the best young actors are anymore.
  • LeonardPineLeonardPine The Bar on the Beach
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    Michael Fassbender as Bond 👍
  • RichardTheBruceRichardTheBruce I'm motivated by my Duty.
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    John Hamm as James Bond. Voice dubbed by Daniel Craig, to shake up the code name theory.

    Or Michael Fassbender is good.
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