I am totally confused by this HDR business

hoppimikehoppimike Kent, UK
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Does anyone else know anything about this?


I mean, I like to think I'm quite technical but it just makes no sense to me why this would only work from UHD Blu-Rays.

I'm trying burning some short 1080p HDR files to a writable CD (and maybe DVD too) to see if they play OK in my PC.

I can't understand why this kind of superior lighting and so on would not work on older formats, especially original Blu-Ray. I kind of thought a video file was just a video file, although I understand that data transfer rate matters, which is why I thought I'd give the CDs/DVDs a chance and use 1080p video instead of 4K.

So yeah erm... I dunno. You'd think data is just data and as long as it's leaving the disc/drive fast enough then we should be all good. But if I'm wrong then please someone explain this, haha :)


  • hoppimikehoppimike Kent, UK
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    I think I'm starting to get it. It's encoded into the video file I think. It increases the file size a lot so you need a good data transfer rate and a player capable of playing HDR files (like VLC).

    That's my best understanding so far.
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