Max von Sydow on turning down 'Dr No' and playing Blofeld in 1983

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82 year-old actor Max von Sydow spoke to <a href=""; target="_blank">Moviefone</a> this week about his new film "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close", and talk inevitably turned to his history with James Bond:

<i>I read that you turned down the role of Dr. No in the first James bond film.</i>
I was offered Dr. No, yes. [Laughing] And I turned it down!

<i>Is that something you regret?</i>
Do I regret it? No. I don't. Well, of course, I didn't know what James Bond was at that time. And, of course, I didn't know what was going to happen [laughs] in the future. But, then, after many years, I was offered to be in 'Never Say Never Again.'

<i>With Irvin Kershner directing, who had just done 'The Empire Strikes Back.'</i>

<i>That was the renegade James Bond film not sanctioned by United Artists. A remake of 'Thunderball.' Was there any pressure not to participate?</i>
No. Not really. But there were big problems like, "What can we do?" and "What can we not do? What are we allowed to do? What is legally correct to do?" But this thing came out and it was not a bad film.


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    I remember him yes. I seen him other shows. Didn't came in Telly Savalas Detective series revile in one tele movies Koljak in the late 80's.
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    He was an excellent Blofeld very menacing
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    Von Sydow is just a great actor, all around, truly.
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    I never knew that! Fancy turning down the role of Dr. No!
  • He was in one of the best bond films ever, but he was the least memorable blofeld, maybe because he was different to the others. Still a great actor.
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    It's more likely to do with the fact he is hardly in the film!

    I wonder does Von Sydow's character have a role in the two sequels to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?
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