The Blood Stone theme/intro... wow!

hoppimikehoppimike Kent, UK
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Is the game good? Because that intro is amazing! Especially the theme as to be honest I prefer it to many of the recent movie themes XD

I've played through the Quantum of Solace game and really enjoyed it ^^

Just thought I'd share my recent enthusiasm for it, is all!


  • SIS_HQSIS_HQ At the Vauxhall Headquarters
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    I'll take it all by Joss Stone, yes, it's a great theme!
    Joss Stone also played the Bond girl in that game too.
    A theme that I can relisten.
    I haven't played the game yet, but that song made me want to play it, and the plot also looks good too, and it's set in Greece.
  • Last_Rat_StandingLast_Rat_Standing Long Neck Ice Cold Beer Never Broke My Heart
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    Bloodstone can be viewed as the perfect stop-gap between QOS and SF.

    Or just watch this.

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