Is George Lazenby your favourite Bond? Please tell me why this is so...

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This is for those of you who consider GL to be your favourite Bond. I'm interested to know your reasons why.

Personally, I think Lazenby is not bad as Bond, and I like OHMSS very much. However, I think the movie is great because of the COLLECTIVE efforts of everyone involved, on both sides of the camera.


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    Lazenby was always going to struggle following on from Connery. He's not a perfect actor... in fact he's arguably a rather bad one at many points in the film and certainly didn't have Connery's raw screen presence, but I do think OHMSS needed a different Bond to make it work. Personally, while Lazenby has his highlights (the scene in the barn with Tracy, the end etc.) I do think the story was inherently designed for a slightly older or at least more jaded Bond and this does show, especially with the odd 'resignation scene' in the middle. If Dalton's Bond had performed this scene at his TLD age (or even younger) I think his performance/interpretation of the character would have sold Bond's frustration and impulsive decision to quit the service better. As it is Lazenby's performance makes the scene... well, a bit random really. I don't think he was quite the right Bond for the right film unfortunately.

    That said OHMSS is a great movie and the talent that went into it is undeniable. It's one of my favourites regardless of my thoughts on Lazenby.
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    His 4th in my rankings, middle.
    I didn't liked him at first but he grew on me, I learned to appreciate him.
    Sure he's acting was left to be desired, but he still brought something to the table, he's the first Bond to brought human and vulnerability to the role that Dalton and Craig took inspiration from.
    OHMSS gave a new direction to the character and story, instead of repetitive stories with no direction, he gave the character a new dimension.
    He made the character interesting in that he lost his wife, he became a widower.
    I want him to continue in the role, Diamonds Are Forever would have been better with him in the lead role in my opinion.

    * And I liked to thank him because he gave us Diana Rigg, she was cast because they needed a great actress to star against Lazenby. So I'm thankful that we got her, because of Lazenby.
    If Lazenby wasn't cast I'll be sad because Diana Rigg wouldn't have cast too.
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