I actually loved this movie :D

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I feel like I've been a bit negative on here at times as I was hard on Skyfall and NTTD.

So I am going to make this thread and say that I really liked Spectre.

I felt that it was a lot more confident, fun and felt like classic Bond with very little deconstructing of the character, unless you count blowing up the MI6 building. Which normally would bother me but it was just done so well and so dramatically.

The part where he took 009's car had me beaming ear-to-ear because I was so tired of hearing how all the other agents seem to be having more fun than 007!

"Oh it was assigned to 009"... that line just made me think "Why can't we follow 009 then?"... until Bond took the car! And with that I knew this movie was going to be good! I was feeling quite down on the whole thing after Skyfall!

The car chase too - wow! The ejector seat at the end...

OK I need to stop gushing over this movie now. lol

But that bit at the end with helicopter and the focused shot to bring it down!

(you see I *can* be into a Bond movie!! I'm not always negative like I was over Skyfall and NTTD, lol)

So yeah, that's my erm... hm. Review? :D

Review is a strong word for that. Thoughts! Yes, thoughts on Spectre.

Great film! My only real criticism was the large explosion at Blofeld's facility... it felt rather unearned. Bond shot like 2 gas canisters or something and the whole thing went up!

It looked awesome but yeah I would have tried to explain the explosion more before setting it off, so to speak.

9/10 movie :)


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