Writing a James Bond Fan Film and Looking for Help

AlexCameronAlexCameron Ontario, Canada
I've been hoping to write a Bond film for roughly 5 years now and I've recently gotten the urge to write it for once. I'm short for a plot and characters, but I've got set pieces and locations I'd like to incorporate into the film. If anybody is even slightly interested, please email me: [email protected]

Hope to hearing from some of you!
- Alex


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    Hi there.
    My name is Colonel Adamski and I'd be very interested in seeing your screenplay.
    I work for EON productions, (who you might know produce the James Bond movies). To be honest, we've got ourselves in a right mess with the last few films. We've given Bond a brother who turned into his worst nemesis, but we killed him off. Then we killed off Bond's best mate Felix, then gave Bond a child, which we thought was a good idea till we realised the character doesn't really have a family in any of the movies or books. We couldn't kill the kid off, so we ended up killing Bond instead. Thing is, that's what the actor wanted, and he wouldn't come back and do another unless we killed off Bond, and we were worried about the money the films were going to make.
    We tried to do it all as arty as possible, and I think we got away with it. But we're in a right mess now because James Bond is dead and re-boots will soon be seen as tired and dated, and we got away with it once anyway, (we did really well with that one, actually).
    Anyway, good luck with your script. Mail it to Pinewood, we'll be in the bar. We've spent a lot of time in there recently.
    Col Adamski.
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