The how-to tech thread

PropertyOfALadyPropertyOfALady Colders Federation CEO
I am creating a tech thread for people to seek help for things that they want to do, but don't know how regarding matters of technology.

A while ago, I created some art using Casino Royale, seen here.


I'd like to do the same for No Time to Die, but the method I used on Casino can no longer be done. I used to go to Google Play, use Nvidia GeForce to record it, and then play the file using VLC to gather screencaps to create the larger image. Unfortunately, but understandably (I guess), Nvidia GeForce no longer works with Google Play (I'm guessing due to DRM stuff). I don't know how to do it any other way. Does anyone know of another way this could be done. iTunes and Amazon are the same way :(


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