alternate bond history megathread (for movie cast/synopsis and other templates)

want to make a second Lazneby film? think DAD wasn't that big of a sendoff for Brosnan? well nows your chance to correct it!. using cast lists, synopses, and lists and moire methods, yo can play out many scenarios in this thread.


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    There's a lot to go over, but I'll take it one at a time.
    • From Russia With Love - cut out the catfighting scenes
    • Thunderball - cut some of the underwater scenes
    • Diamonds Are Forever - recast Lazenby and Savalas; make sequel to OHMSS; full rework
    • The Man with the Golden Gun - rewrite the whole plot, make it a more serious storydriven movie
    • For Your Eyes Only - recast just about everyone
    • A View to a Kill - rewrite it for Dalton
    • TND, TWINE, DAD - get experienced directors. cut out some of the sex jokes. make the cgi good or dont include those portions at all.
    • QOS - re edit the scenes.
    • Spectre - unfixable; too many problem; but rewriting script would be the place to start
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    To start, I’d switch the 5th Bond film from YOLT to Moonraker, to keep some semblance of Fleming’s continuity. Connery stays of course, but still leaves after this film, and we’d have one more appeared of the anonymous Blofeld from FRWL/Thunderball.

    Now this is little alternate timeline idea I’ve thought about ever since I’ve come across the mans work and how close he was to being Bond....

    The Oliver Reed Era (1969 - 1975)
    •On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)
    •You Only Live Twice (1970)
    •The Man With The Golden Gun (1971)
    •Diamonds Are Forever (1973)
    •Live and Let Die (1975)

    Then Moore would be cast for TSWLM to Octopussy, then Dalton for AVTAK to a 4th film in 1992, then Brosnan, with a 5th Fleming based adventure, then Craig as normal.

    Nothing against Lazenby, love the guy, but this has always been an interesting little ‘what if’ scenario to me.
  • maybe something like a cast list and a synopsis its a good idea and oliver reed is an inspired choice
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    My version of Craig's last Bond movie:

    Blofeld falls violently ill while in prison. He's taken to an MI6 hospital which is then attacked by SPECTRE operatives. Blofeld's doctor, who turns out to be Irma Bunt, was actually a SPECTRE agent who was putting mild doses of poison in his food to get him to a less-secure facility. SPECTRE frees Blofeld and makes off with him.

    Months go by. Blofeld is nowhere to be found, but MI6 agents are dropping dead from poisoning worldwide. Q figures out that the poison is being manufactured from certain types of plants. M seeks out Bond, who's living in retirement in rural England. M pleads with Bond to return to service to find Blofeld, but Bond refuses, stating his preference of a quiet life with Madeline, who is expecting. M leaves.

    Felix is on a separate assignment when he is ambushed and kidnapped by SPECTRE agents. When MI6 alerts Bond, he finally agrees to help out to save his friend, against Madeline's wishes. Bond returns to service, is given his 007 title back from his younger replacement (an arrogant agent similar to how Bond was in CR), and goes on the hunt while the other 00s pursue other leads.

    Bond tracks Blofeld to a volcanic island castle containing his Garden of Death, where he and Bunt are manufacturing poison. Blofeld intends to complete the Tiara Project from QOS, which involves poisoning major water supplies that SPECTRE secretly controls around the world. Blofeld is doing this because he himself is dying of terminal illness and intends to take most of humanity with him.

    M dispatches the entire 00 Section to the island to end the threat. The eight other agents assault the castle, led by Felix, whose kidnapping was staged by MI6 to get Bond to agree to the mission. Felix and the the 00s wipe out SPECTRE in a gun battle. Felix kills Bunt while Bond fights Blofeld and kills him by throwing him into his garden of death. The battle, however, has destabilized the island and caused a volcanic eruption.

    While Felix and the surviving 00s flee in helicopters, Bond stays behind to make sure all the poisons are destroyed by the lava. The whole island goes up when the volcano explodes, and Bond is presumed dead. He becomes the first Englishman to be given a posthumous knighthood. The 007 moniker is retired in his honor, and his younger replacement, who turns out to be Alec Trevelyan, becomes 006.

    A few years later, Madeline and her child visit Bond's grave in the English countryside. There they find a hand-written note: "We have all the time in the world," implying that Bond survived the eruption but is keeping his distance from them for now to keep them safe.
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    a good example! and a fancast/recast list too
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