NO TIME TO DIE. The good, the bad and the average. SPOILERS ALLOWED

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What do you think is good ,bad and average about NO TIME TO DIE ?
What's your rating for it as well ?

I think the acting and PTS are good.
The story (script), sets, song, locations and cinematography are bad. They can't even light up M's office properly....
The titles AND music are average and i don't like how they "borrowed" John Barry's music from OHMSS.......
5/10 is my rating for the film.


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    Maybe we can keep this thread now for ALL pro NTTD, neg NTTD, and middle of the road NTTD opinions. That would help unclog other threads.

    I rate it very highly. Offhand 9.5 out of 10 for me.
    I obviously enjoy every category of the film (director, cinematography, acting, script, etc.).
    Not here to do a review, so I'll just leave at that. Cheers!
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    The good:
    Universal logo twist.
    Pretitle scene part 1. Highlight: The masked guy. Extra shine on: French parts, Young Madeline.
    Pretitle scene part 2. Extra shine on: The shape scene, The Phone, The card.
    Reference to Goldeneye (Include Waldo)
    Tanner. As in Skyfall: Q and Bond stil don't trust him. He reporting to new M and hate old (QOS) always be highlight.
    Q. Return to more SF style. I liked what there did with him in Spectre too, exept watch joke.
    The eye guy. Learned from mistakes with Hinx.

    Madeline. For now. Creatief difrence from what i expect and what we get, it can have been much worse but it is way better then in Spectre ('L American overall only moment i liked her, her intro feels average).

    Cinematography, whyle scene with Nomi in Jamaica are greener then in trailer. Production Design. Music. See my review more for more.

    The more standalone feeling and that this movie at first / My first thaught it is better then Skyfall.

    The bad:
    Long screentime but no time for more story of Safin. This undermine villian lair a lot. Mist options, things we see there did nothing with. Iam very happy Safin is not named Dr No, whyle already said before i don't mind if Safin be a bit inspyred by Dr No. The Fight in the soup is mabey point of discussion, because of what happend earlier in the movie with the water. On other side the soup cleaning was already seen in the trailer. Also feels a bit Spectre as title expections and Hildebrand / Lucia mistake with saying poisen garden insteed of Garden of Death. Sometimes it feels a trowback to un finished script of QOS.

    Blofeld. The Phone is good, Eye scene is Average and the rest is very bad.
    Killing of Felix
    Nomi asking M to give 007 back to Bond, but it go to easy. With Bond death up coming death inspecialy..


    The maintile. For now.
    Jamaica. To short, only reasen i at it here for now.
    Killing of deprest and drunk person.
    Safin without mask see comment under bad.
    Return to The House / intro of Mathilde.
    M. Shame there was no iritating govermemt guy (QOS/SF = M him self) that arrest him or just take over Mi6 or forced Tanner, Moneypenny to take over and must visit him in jail.
    Bond death
    Bond death and new look on things happend before. With some things get idea there writing it so it fit, but other things again left behind/plot hole.
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    • The opening
    • Billie Eilish
    • Craig's acting
    • Ana de Armas
    • Directing
    • Casting
    • Action sequences (including the forest scenes)
    • Craig's Bond is convincing as a father
    • Satisfying conclusion to Craig era
    • Safin's lair

    • Nomi as 007 feels forced; not bad but not necessary either
    • Obruchev is a generic Boris clone
    • The music
    • Title sequence animation
    • Bionic eye henchman is forgettable (not a big deal; film had more important things to focus on)

    • Having to wrap up the dumb Blofeld/Spectre plot
    • Logan Ash as a traitor is totally obvious
    • Safin's motivations are unexplained; his world domination plot is hokey and outdated
    • Malek and Armas' lack of screen time
    • This film feels like a compilation of past Bond films; it's past-looking rather than modern or forward looking
    • NTTD relies too much on previous Bond entries to make it a recommendation to someone who hasn't seen a Bond film before


    This is tricky. If you're a fan of previous Craig films, it's probably 8-9 out of 10. If you haven't seen them and aren't invested in the Bond series, it might be a 6/10 for you.
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