You know what I miss from the Craig era is the missing novelisations of the film ( except CR ) it would be handy , definitely with the latest film. ( I also miss the painted posters but that’s another discussion) .


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    Novelisations used to be the only way to (re-)experience a film between its theatrical run and its first presentation on TV, usually an interval of many years. Nowadays, you can buy a film on DVD/BLU-RAY within months since its theatrical run. I know that novelisations are still being published, albeit more as collector's items I reckon than for any other reason. I have read a few myself, out of interest I must say, and I rarely find them "good". The prose typically feels laboured and devoid of artistic merit. It's a job, not a creation on the part of the writer whose efforts I nevertheless respect since I know I couldn't pull something like that off. (The Star Wars prequels, I must admit, have been treated to some pretty decent novelisations.)

    Only rarely can a novelisation bring something extra to the game. It happens that the book is based on an initial script, rather than on the finished film. And sometimes, out of frustration I assume, will the writer work in details and clues that the film neglected to convey. In those rare instances do I find a novelisation weakly amusing, if not worth the price and consumption of my time.

    As for Bond, I have read two novelisations, GE and TWINE, and thought them decent but little else. I doubt the Craigs lend themselves well to novelisations, although I'm not without a bit of curiosity. Who knows, some of the "unexplained" bits in SF for example could, in the hands of a seasoned novelist, end up clarified. But even then, they wouldn't become canon just like that. So I'm neither asking for novelisations nor am I against them.
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    I feel that Everything or Nothing and Daniel Craig’s films should have been novelizations. Raymond Benson could have written EON, John Logan could have written SF. I still think that DC’s films could be one long novelization. Call it Once upon a Spy. Could be written by Anthony Horowitz.
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    I've decided to begin a fan novelization of NTTD. Styled like an approximation of Fleming, but maintaining the time period/s of the film.
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    I've decided to begin a fan novelization of NTTD. Styled like an approximation of Fleming, but maintaining the time period/s of the film.

    Excited to read this!
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    Novelizations would have been welcome over the years, yes.

    Sean Longmore
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