Bond on Amazon prime - which transfer / version

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I just purchased dr no on prime to watch last night, basically as my dvds are 20 years old and no starting to not work

I’m absolutely blown away by the quality of the transfer. It’s sharp as hell, completely free of dust and artefacts (I remember reading about the Lowry process years ago) abs has a 60fps look to it like it’s been up scaled.

Camera moves and styling aside it looks like it was shot yesterday

Anyone know anything about this. It looks fantastic.


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    I have the Bond50 Bluray set (I bought it just before the release of SF) though over a few years I bought all the Bond films on Amazon Prime also.

    The early films on Prime Video look fantastic as does MR which is phenomenal. I have two 4K Fire TV's so I also have HDR which make the films look even better.
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    There’s two different transfer sets on Prime. The standard 1080p from the blu-rays, and the newer 4K transfers.

    The iTunes 4K version is the same as the Amazon Prime 4K.
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    Ah thanks. £8 a film like but I haven’t watched dr no in years. I’m really impressed.

    Moonraker you say. I have a real soft spot for the film so might get that next.

    And Connery is incredible.
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