Die Another Day's theme was ahead of its time

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The fast-attack pitch correction, distortion, punchy bass and electronic production, which seemed out of place them would later find a home in the hyperpop scene that developed in the mid 2010's.

And a few months ago Spotify made a hyperpop playlist which gave it even more exposure. At first I thought the songs on it were bizarre, but over time I grew to like many of them. Forgiveness by Alice Glass is a good song to start if you're not sure.

Aside from the corny "Sigmund Freud, analyze this" part, the lyrics are good. They provoke a little thought yet are vague enough to interpret the meaning: "break the cycle / shake up the system / destroy my ego / avoid the cliché / suspend my senses / delay my pleasure" Is this about buddhism? Dying?

I like Die Another Day's arrangement, different instruments come in and out. And the mixing is stellar; every instrument is clean crisp and well audible. Nothing in the song feels buried or competing for space. Things like EQ, reverb, and panning are hard to put into words, but this song handles those very well.


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