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Where will the Bond franchise go after No Time To Die? I’m curious what everyone thinks or what direction they would like for it to go. Personally I think there’s only three options.

First, and I think this is the least likely to happen, the next Bond continues after NTTD (with a new actor) and Bond somehow miraculously comes back. Which would lessen the overall arc of Craig’s Bond and pretty much get an eye roll from fans, critics and general audiences.

The second option would be a completely new timeline with either a younger Bond that’s newly made a 007 (like Craig’s in CR) or an older seasoned Bond. This is probably the one that will most likely happen.

The third option, and the one I like the most, is a continuation of the original timeline (from DN to DAD). I’d like to see what happens with Bond after the events of DAD, plus I don’t think that timeline should end on a film that most fans don’t like. It would also be good to go back to something more familiar and fun after Craig’s gloomy, but good era.
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