Reasons behind Skyfall's massive success?

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This movie appealed to wide breadth of people, including those who've never seen a Bond movie before or even some of those who aren't that much of a Bond fan.

Great casting, acting, direction and production values are core of course.

Skyfall is simple, yet unique, catchy and memorable title. The song for it was both made by a widely popular artist and became a big radio hit.

This film was aware of the trends of the time. In the early 2010's, it was gritty dark realistic superhero/anti-hero movies with a memorable villain (i.e. The Dark Knight). Some Bond films in the past lazily incorporated elements of popular films to try to be relevant, but Skyfall executed it to its full potential.

It was self-contained. Some of the other Craig era films require you to watch other Bond films to fully appreciate it, which for the average Joe, it's best to assume that they don't watch every single Bond movie.

If there are other reasons, share them.


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