James Bond in Virtual Reality

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Just found out the No Time To Die royal premiere is going to be covered live thru the Oculus VR Venues app. Always knew there was a reason for having it.

Bond is also occasionally on BIGSCREEN which puts you in a virtual theater along with other people to watch the Bond films on an IMAX sized screen. Recently it's been great to watch the trailers for NTTD on a forty foot screen courtesy of Youtube.

Too bad the closest thing to a Bond adventure game is the Bond inspired " I Expect You To Die" escape room puzzler. Still hoping the new Bond game gets a bit of VR love.


  • NickTwentyTwoNickTwentyTwo Vancouver, BC, Canada
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    I hadn’t thought about the VR red carpet experience much until I read your post. It probably would be really cool to experience it that way, but unfortunately I don’t have any VR stuff and if I did I don’t think it would be Oculus due to the Facebook connection.
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