Question about Carte Blanche

Just started re-reading; I cannot figure out how ODG comes into the picture. It's as if 007 and M never worked for MI6; the book starts with M offering him the ODG gig. Am I missing something? Is this some type of alternate reality the author dreamed up?


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    You mean as opposed to the very real reality of Bond still being around and active after 60-something years?

    To be less of an asshole: From what I understand it is a complete reboot and at least for that one book, the origin as laid out is Bond's origin. Worked for Defence Intelligence after getting out of the Navy, got bored by it, was recruited by for ODG, where he then became 007. As for M, one would think he would have to have some experience in Intelligence to get an agency like that of the ground, but he certainly was never Head of the Secret Intelligence Service.

    I understand people thinking it is blasphemy, but I personally thought that was handled rather well. It just doesn't make sense anymore that the Head of the Secret Intelligence Service is this shadowy figure who personally sends out agents on missions to kill adversaries. Now that the Government acknowledges the existence of MI6 the real Head of the Service is in fact the only person whose name is publicly known. So you can demote him to just being the Head of the 00 section inside MI6 or all field operations or whatever, but then you are still stuck with Section Q being totally unrealistic in a modern bureaucracy under austerity measures and not under M's purview. So creating an offshoot that can still have all the mystique and strange anachronistic details of 50s MI6, makes a lot of sense to me.
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    OK, that works for me!
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