Just A Little Moore ... (anecdotes, favourite stories about Sir Roger)

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I realize we have plenty of Roger Moore threads. All well deserved.
I'm hoping we have room for one Moore ... because I would personally love a discussion that focuses ONLY on all the personal stories about Roger. Stories from those who met him, who knew him, just every story relating to an encounter with this most suave, charming, and kind-to-fans legendary actor. Stories told by fans, by other actors, crew on the set - all of that. I'd love to have that in just one thread.

I hope the mods will let this one stand. It is not meant to duplicate other discussions - this one is NOT for chatting about his movies or his acting ... I hope for a solid collection of anecdotes and stories. And that depends upon you, dear members, chipping in and posting items here. Please do!

With the ongoing stress in the world, I thought we could really turn to Sir Roger. How instantly enjoyable to find a collection of stories to dip into, to make us smile or laugh or remember with real warmth ... and Roger Moore is the man we can find a wealth of stories for that will give us that. So let's have 'em - please copy your favourite Roger Moore anecdotes, interviews, quotes from him or other actors, videos of Roger or others (relating stories on set or anything relevant to a personal story about Roger) ... etc.! ... here.

I'll lead off with one I read today. It's been shared for several years, but never gets old. I look forward to your own bits you'd like to share.
Cheers! B-)
Here is Marc Haynes' personal story... (Alex just illustrated it)


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    Ha! Fantastic story!
    I always remember the part from an interview where he explains that whenever somebody asked if he did all his stunts himself, he'd say 'certainly. I do all my own lying myself as well'.
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