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So I thought it might be fun to get everyone’s take on the upcoming film. Predictions, expectations, and gut feelings.

Based on everything we know, where do you think NTTD will sit in the franchise?

A completely unique entry? A formulaic Bond? An over the top/high stakes Gilbert style Bond film? A mix of gritty realism like CR/QOS but with lighter, quippy moments? Too emotional and drawn out? Too long? A masterpiece? Where do you suspect it will fall in your rankings? (If you had to guess)


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    Praised by critics, enjoyed by general audiences, divisive among Bond fans. Wouldn't be shocked if it gets the highest critical praise of any Bond film.
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    I’d say divisive among critics, praised by general audiences and Bond fans alike. Skyfall is locked in as the Bond film earning the highest critical praise IMO.
  • M_BaljeM_Balje Amsterdam, Netherlands
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    Mabey the first Bond movie where people walkout with tears.
    Will get 4-5=stars
    Complanes about Ana that part is to short, of course i hope not and the movie will end with her or with a twist (Camile returns) but on this moment i expect it wil end with Lashana Lynch (Aka Black Bond girl like DAD)
    Waltz have a bigger part in the movie then seen in trailers/tv spot.
    Hated like QOS or there wil say this is how QOS should have been
    Directer get a lot thank you that he saved Spectre

    Bond must save world already get respect, fans wil like that the moost.

    Daniel Craig interviews go more about that this be his last Bond movie.

    I hope not, but mabey:

    Praised like Skyfall & TDK and of course Darkness and Hans Zimmer. (Aka Christopher Nolan praising...)

    Billie her song get same hate as Sam Smith

    Die Another Day. Praised now, hate later.

    Hans Zimmer score wil rune the movie or for some part, atleast that is what i expect on this moment. Postive thing be is that possible be inspyred by David Arnold Tomorrow Never Dies Score too. I see him as last left over from Mission Impossible 2 there take to Bond, his best score in my opnion.
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    Swann will turn out to be the head of Spectre (like Dark Knight Rises when we got daughter of Ras Al Ghul). And the final betrayal ends with Bond being shot by Swann (not before he ends her life and scheming) and limping into the sunset to die.
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    My biggest fear is that it will not equal the sum of it's parts. All the ellements are in place but they seem to be trying to tie up all of the emotional loose ends and have the "Bond saves the World" traditional story plus I think we are also in for a big surprise . It's hugely ambitious re story telling IMHO and it will be a fantastic acheivement if they pull it off. Fingers crossed.
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    So I tried to answer every question, sorry for the post, great thread by the way.

    I think it'll be an almost unique entry, the only comparisons will be OHMSS and Casino, given the love story that is likely to play out and how emotional it's being billed.

    The plot will be a gritty realistic tone but set in a more high tech world, Casino's tone set in YOLT's volcano lair

    I have a feeling Craig will play it more like his Casino performance, with more assuredness perhaps. He'll be intense, but with more interesting dialogue than Spectre

    I do have a feeling that people may question the runtime, it's always the way with films over two hours. I think people will look at characters like Blofeld, Paloma and Felix, and say they needed more screen time.
    Although I'm hopeful that with the longer runtime all the story arcs and characters will be wrapped up and fully rounded
    I think is the first Bond film were the audience will be concerned whether Bond survives. The way its being marketed as Daniel's last definitely, does have me questioning it is his last because Bond dies at the end? I really hope I'm worrying about nothing, because I have no interest in seeing Bond die (however well executed, pardon the pun) and it would leave me bitter towards NTTD

    Ultimately I do think this will be on par with Skyfall critically and I hope even Casino. Daniel's been a fantastic Bond and I hope his last film is incredible and more than worth the wait
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    Enjoy the movie everyone. Going to be off here now until i see the film, hopefully in the next 2 weeks?!!! :-SS So want to eliminate as many spoiler opportunities as possible!

    Have fun all!!!!! B-)
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