"Goldstone" and the Neo-Western

I recently discovered this hidden gem and it reminded me just how much I love both Westerns and the Neo-Western. They contrast more now with the fast editing and action packed pace of so many blockbusters. They give space (both physically and themed) for characters to develope and many have an air of threat, loneliness and melancholy about them. I also loved Logan. I have "Hell or High Water" on my list to watch. Grateful for other suggestions....


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    Two of my favorite films of the last decade fall into the western category: Slow West, with Michael Fassbender, and The Sisters Brothers, with Joaquin Phoenix and John C Reilly. Both have some of the short story anthology quality I enjoy in much of the genre, as well as touching character moments and rewind-and-watch-that-bit-again hilarity. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys films, really, but certainly anyone into Westerns.

    (I mean, come on, Joaquin Phoenix and John C Reilly together in a Western? You know it's great already)

    But they are period pieces, that is, actual westerns. They're neo insofar as they're relatively recent films, though! :)
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