BBC Open University’s 3-Hour Exploration into the Making of ‘The Spy Who Loved Me

Did this ever see any sort of official release?
A 'clean up' from it's original format?

I believe the BBC still own the right to this amazing documentary.
I had a copy many moons ago, but don't think it's any better than the one one on youtube. At present.

Such a shame EON don't make a move and buy the rights to this course.
Which in all honesty can only interest Bond aficionados now.

I can't imagine all the different facets from Producing, writing, marketing etc...all discussed in great length on the course still apply almost 45 years later.

I think it's fair to say... things may have moved on in that realm.
But Bond is still here!
And still relevant, as were are all about find out once again with the release of NTTD.

Long live the king.


  • mtmmtm United Kingdom
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    I really must get around to watching this one day! :)
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