Bond casino scenes in real life

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Bond and flashy casinos, name a more iconic duo, amirite? Yet, as someone who works in this industry, modern depictions of high-tier casinos in Bond movies never cease to make me laugh. Take Skyfall for example. The Casino Macau scene where he arrives on a boat to this enigmatic casino filled with shady figures and mysterious dames.

First of all, a casino where guests can only arrive by gondola has got to be an OSHA violation (or an OSHA equivalent).

Can you imagine a scene where Bond gets cleared out in a few hands, then starts a ruckus because of the mission, only to get thrown out by overzealous casino security? Not to mention that he'd be observed by a gazillion cameras from the moment he steps on that casino's premises. There would be a bunch of dudes sitting in a room wondering why is this posh gentleman talking to himself? I get it, it's a movie, but things like these push my ability to suspend disbelief to its limits.


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