SpyBrary ‘James Bond Bookclub’

SpyBrary.com’s produce excellent podcasts devoted to the espionage genre and have started a ‘James Bond’ bookclub with a real point of difference.
The episodes hosted by the excellent Shane Whaley are retro set in the year of publication. As a consequence, the experts are confined to discussing the book in question and anything that may have happened in the life of Fleming, Bond or the espionage genre prior to it.
It is truly engrossing, the guests really know their stuff and it’s streets ahead of the plethora of nonsense out there.
Thus far there are two episodes. SpyBrary episode 122 features ‘Casino Royale’ and is set in 1953 and episode 126 is ‘Live & Let Die’ and is, of course, set in 1955.
Moonraker is next up and Ian Fleming Silver Dagger winning author, Simon Conway, is one of the guests. PussyNoMore can’t wait. This is the best thing to hit Bond world in a long time !
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