Goldeneye Workprint

RexMartinezRexMartinez Germany
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Hello dear People,

i'm highly interested in the Goldeneye Workprint and since i know that he exist, i would die for to get the Workprint. I know that the Workprint is hoardet by Hard Core Bond Fans, and i know that they wont sharing him easely (if they even do this) well this brings me to my Question, what must i do to get the Workprint? how can i earn enough trust to the people who have this Workprint? The second thing is i can absolutley understand why they wont sharing the Workprint to anyone, because they wanted to keep them rare. It would be an honor if anyone could share this Workprint with me and if i must anything do to proof my loyality, so then i'll will do it.

I hope that someone here could help me with that:)

Thank you for you'r replys
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