SpyBrary.com ‘The James Bond Book Club’

‘The Pussy’ has discovered SpyBrary.com’s unique approach to discussing Fleming’s Bond novels and is mightily impressed.
Their approach is to review each novel as if they were reading it for the first time in the year in which it is written. They refer to it as their ‘Bentley Tardis’ methodology.
The first ‘Casino Royale’ episode is out and ‘The Pussy’ was enthralled. It is the most informed, articulate discussion about a Bond novel and offers a significant insight as to how how Fleming’s masterpiece was received in 1953.
In the first episode, the hosts are joined by spy author and Fleming expert, Jeremy Duns, and they do a bang up job.
This series of Podcasts will be a must for all Fleming aficionados. It offers something truly different and ‘The Pussy’ can’t recommend them highly enough.
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