Christopher Nolan for Bond 26

In the words of Doctor Evil, 'I have one simple request', and that is to see Christopher Nolan at the directorial helm of Bond 26.
And my reasoning.
Take the Batman movies. Before Nolan, Batman ultimately became what bond is now predictable formulae. That cultimated with Geoge Clooney...obivously!!! Batman is rather like Bond in that we know what to expect. What I loved about Nolans trilogy is the UNPREDICTABILITY!!! Do you lot not agree that this is exactly what Bond now needs? We need a director like Nolan to look at the character of Bond, and in particular to go back to the books, and see with that magical intuition of his something that obviously most other directors can't. Furthermore, he has this ability to give depth to his story telling and bring out the interesting psychological dilemmas of characters. I'm talking about meaningful emotionalism and not this revenge led nonsense they've explored with Daniel Craig, where it seems to have lasted 5 bloody the world hasn't got enough problems???!!! Honestly!!! I'm not going to say that Casino Royale isn't great because it is (coincidentally it is the only Fleming story in the whole Craig Saga), but the rest...well....whatever! Spectre was worse than A View to Kill....and this one coming up....well, I can't comment....but the point I am trying to make is that if it connects with the last 4 then does it really have any hope?? Does it???!!! I don't know....we will have to see! Sure Malik looks great and in my opinion up there with Blofeld from YOLT, but at the end of the day the greatness of the film is not in its acting but STORY!!!

Take Versper Lynd and Polish looking madeline swann. In both scenarious the whole thing is ridiculously fast paced. Bond falls in love with them at the blink of an eye. Once they settled the death of Vesper Lynd they should have bloody left it there.

It would be a crime not to hire Nolan for Bond 26, where presumably a rebooting will take place. I mean who the hell would want to continue Daniel Craigs emotional mission. Nolan has such a thirst for meaningful story telling, and do you lot not agree that Bond has become so unbelievably PREDICTABLE????? We need someone who isn't afraid to look deep and argue with Barbara and Michael about a fresh and unexplored direction bond should go in! Why are they still stuck in the bloody past these producers....and why do they always want to make a point of let's have the DB5 and the classic bond girl to show we are going back to the grass roots....please please please!!!!! Before Craig, there was no 'grass roots'....Bond was Bond...end of. Each movie was about Bond using his talents and skills as a spy to resolve the issues of the world in the various decades he lived in ....60's, 70's, 80's, 90s, 00. That's why I want to see Bond. I don't want to pay the price of a ticket, to be reminded that Bond is like all of us, and most certainly not for 5 bloody movies. Or do I??? I really don't know to be honest. It depends on the director and how he chooses to explore Bonds inner world, and for that reason I give my vote of confidence to Cristopher Nolan.


Just like with Batman, Nolan should explore the death of Bonds parents. That is undeniably Bond's principle inner issue. For instance, we should see him climbing the same mountain they died on. What if, for instance, it emerged that MI6 had killed Bond's parents (for instance his dad had discovered something murky about them) and Bond discovers this. Now that would be the ultimate DILEMMA!!! Do I continue to fight for them and Queen and Country or do I go rogue and try to understand this MI6 organisation that I think I know but which I really don't!!!!! I think this would be a good story line, more so than a piece of skirt's death and crying over her for 5 movies.



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