Book used by Michael Wilson to research Florida crime whilst writing LTK screenplay.

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Does anybody know the title of the book on Florida crime that Wilson used to inform his LTK screenplay? I saw it mentioned somewhere a while ago but didn't take note of the details. Any help appreciated. Thanks


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    I meant to reply to this thread at the time but it slipped through my fingers. I thought I'd taken a screenshot of the thread conversion where this book (and a photo of it) was discussed. As I recall the book had a silver cover but I can't remember the title nor who the author was unfortunately. I did look through my new phone for the screenshot but couldn't find it. I may have missed it. I'll try looking through the photos on my old phone to see if I can find it. Like yourself, @petergreenhill5, I forgot to make a note of it myself. I forgot the old saying that the best time to cut a hawthorn stick is when you see it!

    I'd love to know the name of the book myself as I'd like to purchase a copy for research purposes. I find anything like this concerning the sources of the Bond films or the novels deeply fascinating.
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