Reimagined, simplified Bond film/novel titles

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I hope this is in the right place, lol...

If this hasn’t already been done, what would reimagined, simplified Bond film/novel titles look like in your eyes? I basically took an iconic image from each film so they kind of sounded like either mystery or hardboiled spy titles. They might sound melodramatic but that’s the point:

Danger At Dragon Island
The Russia Affair
Gold Plated Girl
If Dances Could Kill
Nights in Japan
The Spy Who Fell In Love
The Diamond Murders
Voodoo Violence
Even A Bullet Has A Name
Deep Water Drive
Say Goodbye to All Mankind
When Doves Fall
The Berlin Mission
Lady May Day
Spies Do Die
Loyalty Is Everything
Once Friend Now Enemy
World Breaking News
His Daughter’s Revenge
Graves of Ice
So Much To Lose
A Heart Held Captive
The Dead Are So Alive


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    Nice thinking! My spontaneous Top 3:

    The Diamond Murders
    The Berlin Mission
    Even a bullet has a name

    Others like 'His daughter's revenge' give too much away, I think.
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    I once read somewhere that Fleming was thinking about calling Moonraker ‘The Moonraker Affair’ or ‘The Moonraker Plot’ or something like that, which would make it a candidate for your list :))
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