OK Connery a.k.a. Operation Kid Brother

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Italian Bondsploitation with Adolpho Celi (Thunderball), Daniela Bianchi (From Russia With Love), Anthony Dawson (Dr. No), and starring Neil Connery. NEIL Connery? That's right, the brother of Sean plays the brother of an unnamed secret agent, who, in his absence, is called on to save the world. Bernard Lee and Lois Maxwell also show up in very similar roles and even Ennio Morricone puts his own spin on the Bond-theme (just enough to not get sued).

Neil Connery (that's also his character's name) is a renowned plastic surgeon, a world class archer, a hypnotist, and a lip-reader (a set of skills that would make for the world's lamest superhero-team). Of course, he'll need to apply all these talents in the movie - making me almost wish this had turned into a franchise, just to see the screenwriters try to incorporate them in every instalment.

The plot involves a secret criminal organisation not called Spectre going to great lengths to get hold of an 'atomic nucleus' (which is strange, as there are about 10 to the power 28 in the human body alone) and will take our hero to Monaco, Spain, Morocco and Switzerland.

The movie's far from great, not funny enough to be a spoof, too dumb to be taken seriously, alternating long scenes of tedious exposition with some truly outlandish moments, but at least it's entertaining to see Lois Maxwell kick ass in some action scenes.

If you're a fan of the sixties Bond movies, you should see this, but probably only once.


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    This is the entire film, uncut, under its alternate "Operation Double 007" title, with the running audio commentary of those comedy cut-ups from Mystery Science Theater 3000 laid over it. (The actual MST3K TV episode chopped about 10 minutes from the movie to add commercials & skits, for a two-hour time slot. That missing footage is restored here. The skits, host segments and theater silhouettes are not present.)

    Best way to watch the film, actually.
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    Locque wrote:
    If you're a fan of the sixties Bond movies, you should see this, but probably only once.

    If you can endure it to the end but don't expect anything remotely resembling a good movie. It's like watching a bad dream Sean Connery might've had after eating too much pizza. OK Connery and CR'67 do make for the ultimate red-headed step-child/through the looking glass Eurospy/Bond-type film double feature.

    For those who want to attempt it here's a non-MST 3000 version of it:

    To its credit, Daniela Bianchi looks even better in this film than she did in FRWL. I like her with the longer hair.
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