Live and Let Die watch sold at auction.

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Sheer Magnetism: Live and Let Die Watch Sold

Cain's creativity was on display at an auction held earlier in November. James Bond's specially adapted Rolex wristwatch, worn by Roger Moore in 'Live and Let Die' (1973), was sold at auction on November 14 for an eye-watering £242,000. The wristwatch, which was auctioned by Christie's, played a key role in Roger's first Bond movie. Near the beginning of the movie 007 explained to 'M' (Bernard Lee) that 'Q' had equipped it with a 'hyper-intensified magnetic field', which could deflect the path of a bullet even at long range, and an exasperated 'M' commented that he was very tempted to try this out! The movie also saw the watch convert into a buzz saw, which helped Bond break free from his ropes while a prisoner of Mr. Big. The wristwatch was converted from a stainless steel Rolex Oyster Perpetual by the late British production and art designer Syd Cain, and the Lot in the Christie's auction (Lot no. 1383) included two framed prints, one showing Bond unzipping Miss Caruso's dress with the watch ('sheer magnetism, darling'), and the other showing Bond with Solitaire tied to a hoist in Mr. Big's underground lair. The Lot also included Syd Cain's original production drawing showing the functioning of the different features of the watch. Syd Cain worked on more than 30 films, including four 007 movies. Since his retirement, Syd had concentrated on writing and illustrating children's and other stories.

Another few momentos gone..............
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