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I couldn't see any mention of this in the community?

On their Drivetime show, presenter Adrian Durham and his sidekick, ex-cricketer Darren Gough, are discussing a Bond film every weekday. I think there's only five or six films of the series for them to chew over? They haven't seen many of the films before and are not doing a good job of reviewing these as there been a few classic howlers as posted below.

They think that the crocodiles used in 'Live And Let Die' were made of rubber!

Adrian Durham mentions that Martin Shaw (The Professionals) was in 'From Russia With Love' and later starred in 'Jaws'

Darren Gough didn't recognise Rosa Klebb (and gun) as the maid at the end of 'From Russia With Love' and couldn't understand why an old woman went 'hand to hand' combat with James Bond?

Durham went great lengths not to reveal the ending of 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' only with Gough giving it away a couple of minutes later!

Durham giving a big introduction to the song sung by Louis Armstrong which was featured in 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' and a few seconds later 'What A Wonderful World' was played!

Gough thought that Honor Blackman died last year when it was only last month!


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    Being very familiar with Durham and Goughy I can imagine it was an amusing listen, there knowledge on none sport subjects is often all over the place.
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    Even reading those howlers was making me laugh, so listening to them would be hilarious!
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    It was the turn of 'Tomorrow Never Dies' to be reviewed today.

    Both Durham and Gough praised the performance of Teri Hatcher, while Michelle Yeoh didn't even get a mention!

    Gough thought that Dr Kaufman was portrayed as a comedy character.

    It was mentioned that 'Tomorrow Never Dies' didn't made as much money as 'Goldeneye' because of two reasons. 1)The death of Princess Diana and 2) lt was released at the same time as 'Titanic'

    They thought it was a great film and both gave it a score of 8.5/10.

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    'Diamonds Are Forever' was under the spotlight.

    Durham thought not only it was the worst Bond film ever, it was one of the worst films of all time...it's an absolute shocker! He went on to say how can it be so iconic I do not know? This film is atrocious!

    Gough had problems with Blofeld. He couldn't work out why he had died in the film but came back 20 years later!

    Durham gave it 1 out of 10 while Gough was more generous with 6/10.

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    According to Darren Gough, there is a character called Melina Airlock in 'For Your Eyes Only'.
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    Lazzers wrote: »
    According to Darren Gough, there is a character called Melina Airlock in 'For Your Eyes Only'.

    It sounds to me like he was airlocked when he watched the film. ;)
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    Today's daily Bond should be interesting as the film being reviewed is 'Casino Royale'.....the 1967 version.
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    I forgot to mention this nugget from Gough when he was chewing the fat over the fourth installment in the series.

    'Thunderball sounds like it's an ice hockey game or a film' #-o
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    Lazzers wrote: »
    According to Darren Gough, there is a character called Melina Airlock in 'For Your Eyes Only'.

    =)) Brilliant!!!
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