Überstar - starring Casino Royale's Richard Sammel

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Since we have to wait for No Time To Die --
We had loads of fun producing this project with Richard Sammel aka Casino Royale's Getler - with his two eyes this time.
(English subtitles available)


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Directed by: Eric Saussine
Written by: Philippe Lombard
Produced by: Luc Le Clech

Richard Sammel
Philippe Lombard
Luc Le Clech

Überstar is an unclassifiable "disturbing comedy" bordering on the fantastic that will confuse the audience by taking them where they don't expect to go.

Richard Sammel plays a variation of himself here. The German-born actor known for his Nazi and psychopathic characters as in Inglorious Basterds, The Strain or OSS 117 Cairo Nest Of Spies is having fun with his own image. He is the "star" with all known excesses – megalomaniacal, contemptuous, manipulative – peppering the onscreen version of himself with all the characteristics of the SS and vampires he embodied in the past.

He faces two men at his service who do not know how to deal with him and with whom the audience will be able to identify without difficulty.

Running time: 12 min
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