Pierce Brosnan Goldeneye Watchalong 7pm BST. 19/4/2020

Wasn't quite sure where to categorise this one, apologies if this is posted elsewhere.

As I'm sure many of you know Pierce is going to be doing a live watch along (7pm BST. 19/4/2020) of GoldenEye, which is just awesome, as we've never had a commentary from him before. (At least not to my knowledge)

Anyhow I'm here because I wanted to put the question to anyone who might have the answer.

Can anyone confirm if the 1080p streamable version of GoldenEye on Googleplay, Youtube, Amazon is the same 4k rescan, which iTunes had. Im interested because I currently only own The Ultimate DVD'S with a cropped image and the Blu-Rays, which have heavy DNR.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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