Is Amy Hoggart well-known in the UK?


Amy Hoggart is a young English actress/comedian who appears on American TV's Full Frontal With Samantha Bee and also the new show It's Personal With Amy Hoggart. (Does she have a thing for "...With [Insert Name Here]" programs, or what?)


I really enjoy her droll/wry style of humor, love her accent -- and she's adorably cute. A question for Brits...

Has she appeared in any UK television programs/films, or is it only "across the Pond" where she's gotten her showbiz break?


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    Has she appeared in threads other than this specially created one? [-(
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    JamesCraig wrote: »
    Has she appeared in threads other that this specially created one? [-(

    Not that I'm aware of... But she's a Brit (on American TV), so I just thought I'd ask some other Brits about her.
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    Yes. Yes she is.

    Question answered.

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