The 'No Time To Die' Death Prediction Guessing Game (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

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With a film called 'No Time To Die' and it being the final part of the Craig saga, one thing seems inevitable: death. It seems that the fate of many characters is unclear: ranging from villains to allies to Bond himself this time around. I set up a Twitter poll this week asking a simple question:

Who do you think will die in No Time To Die, who will not make it to the end of the movie?

And I figured it'd be fun to do the same here, and keep a list of how many people on this site think that a particular character will die.
The intention is simple: just pure guesswork, no explanations and especially no spoilers. A bit of fun (if that's possible with death). Then when the movie is out, we can compare everyone's predictions and see how right or wrong they were. I'll keep score on this first page.

As a final note to the moderators: I can understand that this topic might attract unnecessary discussions and spoilers. That is not my intention. If you deem this topic therefore not a good fit, by all means, close it.

James Bond - 0
Safin - 0
Madeleine Swann - 0
Nomi - 0
Paloma - 0
Felix Leiter - 0
M - 0
Q - 0
Moneypenny - 0
Tanner - 0
Ernst Stavro Blofeld - 0
Primo - 0
Logan Ash - 0
Valdo Obruchev - 0


  • This could be fun. Perhaps to deter people add 'POTENTIAL SPOILERS' to the title.

    Here are my predictions (a 💀 means death and a ✅ means survival):

    James Bond - 💀
    Safin - 💀
    Madeleine Swann - ✅
    Nomi - ✅
    Paloma - ✅
    Felix Leiter - 💀
    M - ✅
    Q - ✅
    Moneypenny - ✅
    Tanner - ✅
    Ernst Stavro Blofeld - ✅
    Primo - 💀
    Logan Ash - 💀
    Valdo Obruchev - 💀
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    We have enough NTTD threads open. Take this to one of those.
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