Ears and Eyes wide open, return of Symbols

M_BaljeM_Balje Amsterdam, Netherlands
Ears and Eyes wide open are Daniel Craig Bond movies motto, but more from the faces, mirrors and dialogue/text.

If you think No Time To Die have no longer symbols then i disagree.

NTTD trailer already have eyes open symbol (number as in QOS with 112 as hotel number as warning (112 = europe 911) wil it this time a more positive ''closed chapter'' (the end of a era is near/comingsoon) number. Have Bond finaly found his solace ? Or is it just because Bond found his Peace for then till he returns to Mi6. ).

Whyle it not be in line with the ears one (Big one in QOS in the same country = Italy.) The Three (of course) symbol of comingsoon if you don't look out or it is already to late.

Another ear one by Bond as reference to you know my name as SF with the blood in SF maintitle and author of my pain with Spectre.

Only possible difrence wil be that maintitle wil no longer predict future (if Daniel Craig not come back) or only on very short like Bond is Bond again. If he wil comeback i hope we get hint that Lucia and Camile comingback.

Lyrics of the title song (stil hope on No Time To Die as title) wil possible full with symbol. All of them with mabey Another Way To Die in less did.

Do you spots symbols already ? Do you have favorites like the two in l'American, hell above Berlin and the meeting be one of my favorites from Spectre.


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    Sorry @M_Balje , but this can be inserted into any number of current NTTD threads. Thank you.
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