What is Bond’s net worth?

“You have proved worthly...”

This is a subject I’ve been thinking about a lot. It came up over Christmas, with my own finances under strain. LOL, to be honest I’m at breaking point. But I wondered, maybe my hero James Bond is in the same boat?

So what do we all think. Bond has a good job with good income. We know a few facts. He’s good at poker, which would explain how he could set up a high stakes poker game to fill the coffers if he ever runs low. He wears expensive clothing. But as we see in Spectre, his apartment is a dump... a little worse than mine even, hehehe. That gets me thinking... does he blow a lot of money? I can relate... if I even have money to blow in the first place, which is rare.

So what do we think? And does anyone have any information on what Safin’s net worth might be? I’ve seen some rumblings online but no concrete info about what Safin’s net worth might be. Or any other Bond villains? This is a catch all thread for any money questions you have, or even if you just want to let off steam...


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    First of all, please ask Bond related questions in the questions thread, specifically designed for that purpose.

    Secondly, how would ANYONE know ANYTHING about what a FICTIONAL character is worth, especially if the film with said character in it hasn't even been released yet? Furthermore, why would the filmmakers or actor ever even care about such things? If it's not explicitly stated in the film, it doesn't matter. What video games does Safin like to play? Do we care? When was he born? How often does he visit his grandparents, if at all? I mean, unless they release a full biography of the character somewhere--and it's quite likely they won't--it just doesn't matter one iota.

    Lastly, no, we're NOT going to have our members talk about money or money problems. There is a thread for letting off some steam; anyone foolish enough to give away such private information can do so there, though we strongly discourage it. Some things are best left unsaid on the Internet.

    In conclusion:
    1. There's a Questions Thread.
    2. No, we don't know what Safin is worth and if the filmmakers don't care, neither do we.
    3. There's a Letting Off Steam Thread.

    Thread closed.
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