Have the Changing Times Hurt the Anticipation?

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This is the question. Has the barrage of production spoilers via social media, press leaks, and articles on political correctness hurt the anticipation for 'NTTD' and Bond films to come?

I know that most of us are eagerly awaiting a new installment, but have all these things run us down a bit, emotionally? I wish they would go back to official press meetings, production specials, and two year gaps between the films, but avoid the sensationalism. So, keep the hype up during production, but help avoid the talk and banter regarding female Bonds, MeToo and so on. I'm for the respect of all, women and men, but I think all of this has gone overboard. Roger in 'FYEO' was the perfect example of respect without the need of all this TALK and that was 1981. Can't we just redirect the focus on getting fun films that were proven successful with Cubby's formula, keep up the anticipation, and avoid the hoopla?


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    Not for me personally there have almost been 5K posts in the NTTD Filming thread since I last went on there, I intend to know as little as possible going into Bond 25. In the mean time I preoccupy myself with other things, I find the constant obsessing baffling, each to there own.

    I have seen every Bond film since OP at the cinema so I am used to waiting and receiving little information on the next film which is fine by me. I don't go on Twitter, Facebook etc so no danger of me stumbling on Spoilers there, I go on YouTube alot though soon as a channel spoils things for me I delete it that goes for anything.
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    It is a different time then when Cubby was the producer of the films. As much as I might long for those days the advent of social media and the explosion of entertainment news shows and websites has changed the landscape for good.

    The 24 hour news cycle demands content so the beast needs to be fulfilled. So you now see an Aston Martin racing around Italy while being chased by other cars. You hear an uproar about a female James Bond. And on and on.

    The clumsy handling of the whole female Bond plot point to me screams of a publicity stunt or at the very least putting something out there that was sure to cause some discussion. Mission accomplished, most entertainment sites and shows bit hard on that story and were featuring Bond 25 heavily in their content. Can't buy that kind of chatter.

    As much as I would love to see Entertainment Weekly to have exclusive photos and articles, or have a magazine feature info about NTTD I don't think we are likely to see that.
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    thedove wrote: »

    As much as I would love to see Entertainment Weekly to have exclusive photos and articles, or have a magazine feature info about NTTD I don't think we are likely to see that.

    Oh one or two will definitely happen closer to the April release.
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    Before the internet the only sources for news were magazine articles, which usually came out shortly before the movie itself. In Germany, you would buy Cinema magazine (why they even manage to exist in printed form today totally eludes me). So one knew from experience that another film was in the making ("James Bond will return in ...") or read that a new actor was being selected, but other than that no information.

    Nowadays it can be toxic to read in forums (I do it anyways, because it is a fun thing to do, most of the time), because a few people do spoil the experinece for me. For example, I am completely happy with SF and am aware of its flaws, but some members are so outspokenly negative that I sometimes question my own impression. So at that level I do not like movie forums very much - probably this has to do with psychology: You want your peers to like what you like, otherwise you feel like in the wrong group.

    For films that I am not so much invested in as Bond, I don't feel spoiled or hurt in anticipation, because I only check a few reviews, just like in the old times (where you would check 1 or 2 in your local newspaper and a specialist magazine like Cinema - which was always positive of course).

    Actually, just reading the James Bond News section on MI6-hq.com would be absolutely sufficient to raise my anticipation. If only I could keep my eyes off the spoilery forums...
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    My first Bond film in theaters was DIE ANOTHER DAY, so you can imagine I never really lived through a time where the internet was not very prevalent in the build up to a Bond film, so I'm not able to share in the longing for days when the only way to find out about an upcoming Bond film was through tabloids and promotional magazines.

    The only big change for the internet that occurred for me was the advent of social media. I remember QOS was the first film to try to use that as a promotional tool on MySpace! Their page would post a number of photos and every few weeks there was a video diary showing you the progress of production. I believe all those video were added to the DVD/blu-ray sets. By the time SF was being made MySpace was pretty much dead, so they started posting clapperboards instead on twitter which I thought was a fun way to show progress without giving away something spoilery.
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    I’ve been avoiding as much discussion, social media postings etc as I can this time round - a conscious decision just to try and give me as much of a surprise as I can get when I do see it. It does mean I miss out on a lot of discussion with friends and fellow Bond fans, but I’m hoping to try and recreate some of the cinematic magic of going to see a much anticipated film with little knowledge of what will happen. Of course it’s easier said than done, so I’ve picked up quite a few things here and there, but we’ll see how it goes!
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    If you were to ask me which I prefer in terms of movie making and build up to a new Bond film? Have to say I would prefer the old way as you pretty much can avoid spoilers!
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    I wonder who the hell they have leaking info. The whole female OO7 talk is beyond silly. Who cares if Lashana Lynch's character is assigned Bond's number? That's a detail I would rather plainly see in the film, and in context of the story. That should actually be one of the surprises in the film, instead, even if you didn't want to hear the spoiler, you had no choice as it was the one that came out everywhere.
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    I certainly prefer the build up and anticipation for earlier entries than now.

    Although this film is following the 2nd longest gap in the series' history, NTTD just doesn't feel like much of an event. Doesn't feel like a return of James Bond to the big screen. It's more like Eon has taken a long nap and are finally getting ready to go back to work.

    It also feels to me like the media and internet scraping the barrel to find something interesting to publish about this film and only coming up with the female 007 angle, the #MeToo movement and so forth.

    Frankly, I haven't seen marketing for a new Bond film this weak since LTK , and I can attest in the U.S. that only brought cinemas empty seats. Many a time I pretty much had the theater to myself while watching that film.

    I'd really prefer solid informative (yet spoiler free) magazine articles, television coverage, official press meetings, production specials, and two year gaps. I think they're getting rusty at this.

    Of course things could kick into gear at the last minute, and we get showered with Bond wonderfulness. It's not too late.
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    Not for me, no. I'm really pumped for No Time To Die. I love the discussions with fellow Bond fans, even though I find those that avoid even the tiniest spoilers at all costs a little grating. I imagine a lot of Bond productions have had their problems, but the way we have access to news now probably amplifies that fact. I'll be so sad to see Daniel Craig hang up his holster.
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    Shouldn't we be getting a teaser sometime soon? I mean, at least a while before the official full length trailer. I feel that the sooner we see something, the faster we'll be satiated from going along with a lot of these silly tabloid headlines.
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    If too much info bothered me I would just avoid sites like this and wait for the trailer and then the film's release.
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    We should probably get a teaser before the end of the year. If we don't by New Years, then that's pretty peculiar.
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    And even then, at this point it almost definitely won't be a teaser, too close to release for that...they'll surely come right out of the gate with a full length trailer, and a second one closer to release (in February I reckon)
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    Slightly confounded by their marketing strategies. You'd think a teaser would wet the appetite for the full length trailer, reportedly attached to Star Wars.
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