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I know it's perhaps way too early. And personally, given all the problems with MGM, I am not even sure if we can expect a Bond 26 somewhere before 2023. However, this article from Baz Bamigboye is the first document that now talks about Bond 26 and how much EON wants Phoebe Waller-Bridge to become main writer of Bond 26. The story is even thàt positive that thanks to her (and Cary Fukunaga) the Bond producers seem to be full of new inspiration, creative joy and uttermost happiness. Have a read:


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    The acclaim she's received for her other shows is a good sign. But let's wait until April 2020 before we say whether she's good for Bond
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    I want Craig back for one more
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    Sorry, Gert. Several months ago, we decided to put any (pre-)production threads for B26 on hold for a long while after the release of NTTD. We'll pick up on this eventually but no sooner than half a year (at least) from now, or even than when the first news about a new Bond film has reached us.

    Meanwhile, please use the existing B26 threads. Thank you.
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